Saturday, 27 December 2008

aal start with 10 fm

all start from 10 fm and then biuld up your money

just to let you all know

i will add 3 extra funk points each apart from roco cause your winning sorry roco.

my new funkeys and all

first 4 funkeys i made

money muncher,candy bear,twister and cloud

new thing

now i will have a new system called funk will earn it when you do me favours eg:challenge me to jongg challenge and let me i will give you 30 fm (funk money) for this favour now the favour is to help me get the mystic fether for jongg challenge and challenge me because i don`t have a dyer :( .there will be my funkey creations to buy with the money.comment and challenge unique funkey name is muttly

Friday, 26 December 2008

day ? of hunt

lost track of days sorry well todays funkeys are nibble, native and sprocket for 3 funk points they increse by the number of funkeys like tomorrow there will be 6

Thursday, 25 December 2008

christmas of yay

the funkeys i got for xmas are
pineapple king and i live in england

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

up and running

my computer crashed 5 days ago so some of the posts i do on me mums laptop now ze computer is up and running lost every thing even funkeys so starting from scratch.and i had all the trophys on my computer now i have all the trophys on me mums she got me sushi showdown for a score of 2006,she is good

funk points

now i have a ranking system called funk points.

5=name in colour
20=name in bold
37=name in italics
67=name with a points underneath will say orange rank
77=saying pink rank
100=saying gold rank
198=saying black rank
205=says supreme funkey lover
500=name like this #fghkdf#
509=name like this ~ggbggh~
609=funkey resister
max 1000 points=fav funkey on the chart with name like this +ghf+

get hunting

day 10 on same day the hunt

now read my last post i know i just posted but it`s christmas tomorrow now the 2 funkeys are dyer vr (very rare) and goya. don`t have to find both just trying to get some more points on ze board first to 1000 wins.

25 th december tomorrow so no hunt

no hunt tomorrow ok so on my next post in a minute i will do for tomorrow because no one want`s to waste their time on specil ocasions like christmas

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

day 9 of the hunt

Now todays funkey is but before i tell you we have a new the funkey is mayor sayso,henchman and master lox.

got some trophy scores

trixies helicopter rescue
racer x rumble
snake oilers casta cristo 5000
heltic halfpipe
rock`em shock`em sprocket
jongg challenge
rainbow shootout
bomtastic billiards
scoop stacker
coral cruser
jade jumble
plink plonk funk
sushi showdown
taejos casta cristo
dot shot
coin cascade
funkey fighters
speed racers pinball

hope the scores work

trophy of yay

i just got all the series 1 trophys and series 2 trophys 4 series 3 2series 4. but in anguses manner do you earn trophys

day 8 of ze hunt

now to win this only the people with 0 funk points to enter sorry roco,cpfunkeys,oewna(sorry if spelt wrong) 80 and ffm. only xweetok and sammy can enter they need to get some points to stay on the funk point list otherwise they will be removed from funk point list.well roco is winning.the funkey is speed racer starter kit with sr (speed racer) cc (chim chim)
who ever gets this earns a funk point but who ever doesn`t get it will be removed from the funk point list and be a normal follower.who ever gets 10 points gets a rank

Monday, 22 December 2008

day 7 of the hunt

sorry been so busy forgot about ze hunt now today funkey is but before i will tell you on the title saying funkey hunt read about the comment part about telling me what blog it is on (can`t use ze own one) tell me the name of the game and if its normal rare or very rare. now the funkey is (drum roll)lucky rare

jade jumble

ok then jade jumble is hard but i managed to get a score of 3.000 points.but i don`t know the score for the trophy level 9 is hard.
tell me the score!!!!!!